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Cherry Pie is mainly fermented in large 500L French Oak puncheons, the very same as those used for Hundred Acre and following the same rigorous exacting standards in every way.

During fermentation and kneeling right beside the large barrels a group of over 100 Tibetan monks in saffron robes pray 24/7 until fermentation is completed.1

Once fermentation is complete a delegation of aspiring French winemakers are brought into the winery where they pray beside the large barrels for one week, hoping that some of the Cherry Pie goodness rubs off on France.2

Let's hope so...

The wine is then gently pressed whilst bells (many of which are borrowed from various holy sites around the world) are rung in a pleasing sequence based upon ancient rituals from every religion, except a few that are too complicated to understand.

This is then followed up with a complete viewing by the monks, the Frenchmen and bell ringers of the movie Mamma Mia in full surround sound.

The wine is then barreled down and placed in a quiet room where bedtime stories such as Winnie the Pooh are read in hushed tones by a 98 year old Grandmother every evening for 3 months.3,4

After a considerable period of time the wine is bottled with all monks back in attendance.5

Needless to say if you don't have this wine in your cellar you will probably consider throwing yourself off the nearest bridge and we certainly do not want that do we?

1 This part is not entirely true.
2 This part is true.
3. Read footnote#2
4 We always have a spare Grandmother standing by in case the first one croaks.
5 Read footnote #1
6 An absolutely exceptional vintage. Read footnote #2.

Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir

Appellation: 100% Carneros, Napa Valley

Cooperage: 100% French Oak, 30% New